Many thanks Marie for the way you look after my face! I so appreciate your attention to detail and absolute professionalism at all times. I don’t think I have ever once felt traumatised in all the time I have been coming to you, as you have such a lovely manner.
Christine, Lostock Gralam, Aged 47

My skin had that wonderful 'just come back from abroad' glow for about 24 hours after but then, I put a bit of make up on the following morning, and my complexion just looked warm and glowing although my skin started to then feel tighter.
Michelle, Holmes Chapel Aged 46

Day 3 of the dermaroller treatment and my face looks fuller and my complexion looks 'healthy' without make up. Skin tighter and I apply a little Chiroxy cream you gave me followed by a high factor sun screen which also helps to moisturise.
Julia, Knutsford Aged 32

When I went back to work the following day people said I looked 'well',
Kate, Northwich Aged 58

There is no doubt at all that this process has improved the overall appearance and texture of my complexion. What I like is that it is very subtle and skin seems to improve over time. I wouldn’t want anything dramatic, and just want to look good for my age.
Rachel, Pippa, Aged 51

I really appreciate how discreet you were about me having the treatment, as I didn't want anyone to find out I had been for Botox, I felt relaxed by your calm and interpersonal manner and the results were great.

As always, I am so pleased with the results, of my treatment, especially around the eyes. I just have that fresher and well rested look!” Thank you again Marie,
Philip, Sheffield Aged 49

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